Patron-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Zaffar Mueen Nasar

(Vice Chancellor, University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan)

welcome to the 1st International Conference on "CONVENTIONAL AND MODERN APPROACHES IN PLANT SCIENCES" CMAPS-17

Apart from being the backbone of all life of the planet earth, plants play multiple vital roles across the biosphere. Ranging from being very important natural resource for human; plants provide food, oxygen, wood and fiber.

The knowledge of plants has been there since ages being based on many of the conventional approaches in the past. Over time, the exceptional growth phase of science and technology has led evolution of conventional approaches of botanical studies into modern approaches of investigations in plant sciences. This revolution in plant sciences has provided multiple economic and social benefits to mankind especially in developing parts of the world, as agriculture is the main lifeline for economy and employment. The generation of new knowledge in plant sciences is highly essential in transforming scientific knowledge into new technologies of the future for providing socio-economic benefits. In order to achieve this all, reliance on the generation of new knowledge and its conversion into new technologies driven by conventional and modern approaches in plant sciences is essential. The ever exploding world's population and resulting economic drive for safer agriculture to produce safer food, supplies for industry including raw materials, biofuels, etc.; the remaining unspoilt biodiversity and nature on the planet earth is threatened more than ever. Sustenance of research and its productivity in the field of plant sciences demand exchange of knowledge and skills between well-trained scientist, from national and international origin, and amateur learning scholars from Pakistan. The Department of Botany, University of the Punjab, Lahore, the oldest seat of learning in plant sciences in Pakistan; is going to hold the 1st International Conference on “Conventional and Modern Approaches in Plant Sciences (CMAPS2017)” on November 28 – 29, 2017, in Lahore Pakistan. The CMAPS2017 is aimed at providing a national platform for international gathering of plant scientists, researchers and professionals from developed part of the world and Pakistan; who will join to give deliberations on a variety of issues related to plant sciences and socio-economic productivity based on it. The plenary and technical sessions have been devised to cater all issues related to the plant sciences. The CMAPS2017 Conference will be hosting a wide range of stakeholders associated with the nexus of plant sciences, national plantbased productivity and potential threats to it. The cross exchange of knowledge and research would be there in all key themes related to plant sciences. The Conference also incorporate visits to the local tourism hot spots in and around Lahore.

The CMAPS2017 Organizing Team is committed to provide a memorable scientific parleys with an unforgettable blend of traditional Lahori feasts that would leave long lasting cherishable memories in the minds of international, national and local delegates.